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We are now entering the final part of the project. This time it was our French partners who organised a course for us on the Cluny de Brioude lace, from 20th to 26th of January. Couleurs dentelle and its founders Caroline Panthier and Claudine Chanteloube and their team of teachers were the organisers of this ambitious event.  Almost sixty participants from the project, including teachers and students, divided into four groups, have made four beautiful pieces filled with guipure leaves in full colour.

The pandemic made it necessary for this 5th transnational course to be held online. Part of the project required us to apply innovation in the teaching of lace, and in this sense, the pandemic has inevitably pushed us to work along these lines, although initially we were rather ” fearful “.However, we are all learning a lot, as we also have to teach our own national classes in this way.

To overcome the language and technology problems, the French team had prepared a very comprehensive manual with numerous diagrams, as well as about thirty videos explaining first-hand how to make the most complicated parts of the lace.

No doubt that we would have loved to have been able to visit Brioude, to visit our hostesses’ workshop, to learn their lace in situ, immersed in their lace-making atmosphere. But it was not possible, and even so, we are very happy and grateful to have been able to learn how to make such fine and colourful lace, full of little guipure tallies. Learning how to make these leaves from the “masters of guipure”, with their system of moving the bobbins so different from ours, has been one of the icing on the cake.

Now it’s time to do our homework, to teach our students the pieces that belong to them, and little by little we are coming to the end: the final meeting of the project, which will be held in Germany, either in person or virtually… it all depends on how the pandemic is going.

Fifth transnational meeting: France (virtual), 20-26 Jan 2021

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