On the 21st of February, nine people from each of the participating countries arrived in Vienna: 3 members of the staff, 3 teachers and 3 learners.

On the 22nd all participants started working hard. First, teachers and learners received a lesson about Drawing and Designing. Details on the colour code method was part of the lesson. Afterwards, the participants were split into two groups: the Austrian teachers were Mrs. Gertrude Cvach, Mrs. Lisi Pichler, Mrs. Franziska Potzman, Mrs. Heidelinde Sixt and Mrs. Gabriele Weber, who tought the 18 learners and the 15 teachers from other countries during five days. The lace studied and taught was Torchon lace. Learners had to work a bookmark in two colours and a bag for sweet coated almonds in one colour, following the design with the colour code method. Teachers had to work a small piece for a herbal bag.

One morning the whole group visited the “Museum für angewandte Kunst”, where there was a Lace Exhibition.

During these days of workshops, two lectures were held: one by Mr. Gerhard Meisinger on natural and synthetic threads, cotton, linen, silk, wool and viscose, polyamide, polyester etc… used for bobbin lace. And another one by Mrs. Marianne Stang on History of Lace and its Evolution, starting from the 15th century to nowadays. The lecture was accompanied by many photos.

The first transnational meeting has been a real success. The organization of the Austrian partners has been excellent, and the participants not only learned how to make lace, but also to communicate and exchange experiences and knowledge, despite the different languages they all speak.

Now that all participants are back in their countries, they have to teach their own learners and colleagues what they have done in Austria. So the experience does not stop in Austria, but continues its expansion.

First transnational meeting: Vienna (Austria), 21-27 Feb 2019

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