Entities of six European countries are participating in this project: the coordinator Forum Alte Spitze (Germany) and the partners Verein Klöppeln und Textile Spitzenkunst (Austria), Couleurs Dentelle (France), Encajeras Vuelta y Cruz (Spain), Municipality of Scanno (Italy) and Ceska Palicka (Czech Republic).

The first meeting of this project was held in Übach-Palenberg, Germnay, the town of the coordinator of the project, and it was a meeting for the staff only. During the meeting, representatives of the six participating countries discussed about the administrative part of the project (monitoring, dissemination and evaluation activities, and financial aspects), forthcoming deadlines and activities, coordinator and partner responsibilities and some other key points.

The project is huge, so there are many things that need to be explained and organized. The meeting also permitted the partners to know each other (some of them had already met before, but others didn’t know each other) and to form the project management team that will be in charge of the successful implementation of the project.

We have started with great enthusiasm and we will continue informing you about our next steps.

Kick-off meeting: Übach-Palenberg (Germany), 7-9 Dec 2018

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  • March 10, 2020 at 11:05 pm

    You haven’t got any representation from Australia. It’s not a large bobbin lace community but growing up very fast.Regards Carmen


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