This project is about sharing the experience of teaching how to make bobbin lace. During these three years (2018-2021) all six partners have travelled with some of their learners to the other partner’s countries in order to learn their way of working lace. Each partner has been able to host the visit of all other partners, teaching them their technique and sharing their way of working it. The last three transnational meetings have been held online, because the restrictions to travel due to the Covid-19 pandemic have made it impossible to meet on-site.

Besides, each of the participating countries has prepared a workbook to back what was being taught onsite and to help all other learners who were not able to travel to the host country. At the end of the project, all participants of the project (teachers and learners) have learnt six different types of lace. Now we want to share our workbooks with all those who are curious and interested in learning about them.

  1. Handbook Austria
  2. Handbook Italy
  3. Handbook Czech Republic
  4. Handbook Spain
  5. Handbook France
  6. Handbook Germany
  7. BOBBIN LACEE Project Handbook