Marianne Stang 2020

On 1 October 2020 we lost one of the most accomplished lace makers in Europe in recent years: Marianne Stang. A lace maker since 1982, she was trained as a bobbin lace teacher by the Deutscher Klöppelverband e.V. (German Lace Association), and was its vice-chairman from 1986 to 1992 and its chairman from 1992 to 1998.

After leaving this position, she created, together with her sister Anneliese Wienands, the association Forum Alte Spitze GbR, whose aim is to promote and spread lace through courses and seminars, to broaden the knowledge of the art of lace through excursions in Germany and abroad, and to purchase valuable lace through collections. These collections are available for exhibitions.

In addition, Marianne Stang has participated in numerous Erasmus projects and is the coordinator of our BobbinLacee project, which we are currently working on. From the very beginning she was concerned about the size of the project, and asked us if it was too much work for us. And yes, we admit, it is a lot of work. But all of us involved are sure that in the end we will be proud that we were able to achieve it. We are doing a great job that will remain for posterity, and this is thanks to Marianne Stang, who pushed us to participate.

We are left orphaned by our Marianne. Thinking about her during the project, her welcome at the kick-off meeting in Übach-Palenberg (Germany) comes to mind – how many trips she made to take us from one place to another! And then in Vienna, leaving us speechless with a lecture on the evolution of lace illustrated with slides. And in Scanno, I can see her enjoying the reencounter with Italian lace makers she already knew. And finally in Prague, where we saw her tired, but enjoying seeing us all delighted with those who were teaching us. 

Being by her side was always a pleasure, because she always had something to say. She knew about everything, and was generous in sharing it. A dedicated teacher.

Let’s finish the project by joining our hearts in honour of Marianne. We will make sure that “her” project comes to a successful conclusion. Anneliese Wienands and Elda Gantner will now take over the coordination.

An old saying remembers: “Good friends are like stars. Although you don’t always see them, you know they are there”. And now Marianne is that star, who will guide us, as she has been doing until now. From here we send her a big hug and promise not to leave anything unfinished. May she rest in peace.

Marianne Stang, coordinator of the project EU-Bobbin Lacee

One thought on “Marianne Stang, coordinator of the project EU-Bobbin Lacee

  • December 14, 2020 at 7:35 am

    Liebe Marianne,
    Ich habe dich nur ein paar mal gesehen,aber dadurch dass ich an deinem Projekt teilgenommen habe bin ich menschlich sehr gereift denn die Arbeit dauert Stunden und ist mit sehr viel Konsequenzen verbunden wenn man etwas vergisst und wieder aufmachen muss. Und genau dasselbe passiert im Leben man muss für alle Konsequenzen gerade stehen und Geduld muss man haben Geduld, Geduld um noch mal Geduld das alles konnte man bei dir lernen und ich denke bei deiner Nachfolgerin kann ich dann mein Projekt wohl zu Ende machen und mich weiter in Geduld.

    Damit hast du dein Leben erfüllt und Ruhe in Frieden ich denke an dich.

    Ruth Thielemann-Frankel


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