Our second transnational meeting took us to the heart of the Apennines in Italy. Scanno, a small village where lace has been made for many centuries, was the host for a big group of around 50 lacemakers who were very interested in learning how lace is made in Scanno. On the 26th of July, nine people from each of the participating countries arrived in Rome: 3 members of the staff, 3 teachers and 3 learners. A bus picked them up at the airport and drove them for almost 3 hours to Scanno. 

On the 27th of July, work started. The authorities of Scanno welcomed us, Rita Di Matteo explained how we were going to work, we listened to a very interesting lecture about the origins of lace in Scanno, by the historian Maria Antoniett Mancini and we were introduced to the designer of the pieces we were going to work, Adele Di Cesare.

The first impression when seeing the patterns was a bit of a surprise, as there were lots of leaves on them. The lace that is made in Scanno is a combination of tapes and guipur. During the 5 days of workshops we learned all the specific ways the lacemakers of Scanno start the lace, work the cloth stitch tapes, make the double leaves, join plaits to the tapes, finish the lace… It was also very interesting to find out that not all lacemakers of Scanno made these things the same way. So we took note of every single difference that we encountered in order to get a very complete idea. The meeting has been a real exchange of knowledge among all the participants.

Besides, the lacemakers from Scanno had prepared a magnific exhibition with old and new pieces of lace for us, which we watched with admiration. During the five days, we also had the opportunity of walking through the steep and beautiful streets of Scanno, visit L’Aquila and a museum with some typical lace.

The second transnational meeting has been again a real success. The organization of the Italian partners has been excellent, they were always very helpful and cheerful. The participants managed to learn the way of working lace in Scanno, and also had the opportunity of communicating and exchanging experiences and knowledge, despite the different languages of the whole group. 

Now that all participants are back in their countries, they have to teach their own learners and colleagues what they have learned in Italy. So the experience advances with a lot of interest and positive sensations.

Second transnational meeting: Scanno (Italy), 26 – 1 August 2019

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