Sixth transnational meeting: Germany (virtual), 11-15 June 2021

Our sixth transnational meeting was held online, same as the two previous ones, due to the impossibility to get together because of the pandemic of the COVID-19 which is affecting the whole world.

This has been the last international meeting of the project, which was supposed to be special, and implied the participation of more learners than the previous ones. We were 75 participants, but had to do it via ZOOM. The screen was automatically divided into three parts, because so many participants could not be shown on one screen at the same. Learners, teachers and staff from the six different countries joined the online meeting, which started with a welcome speech by Elda Gantner, and where we remembered our recently passed away coordinator Marianne Stang. Elda Gantner and Anneliese Wienands have been very brave to continue the project in honour of our coordinator.

Each country introduced themselves shortly, and after that we split into smaller groups. Each group had a teacher, and in all groups we were taught how to do perfect invisible finishings in a set of ten pieces. The didactic workbook was prepared by Martina Wolter-Kampmann.

The first impression when knowing there would be over ten patterns was a bit of a shock, as it takes a lot of concentration and skill to work with magic threads when it is for the first time. But we had five days of workshops, which were accompanied by very complete and clear videos, as well as fantastic diagrams of all the difficult parts.

We have found that unfortunately an online class does not leave the possibility of exchanging knowledge among the participants, as they are concentrated in working and in understanding a foreign language, and do not see the work of each other to comment on it. This is the sad and negative part of not having been able to meet personally. The same feeling we had at the previous virtual meetings.

Besides the practical workshops, the German team had prepared very interesting conferences and videos: about the different laces which were or are still made in Germany, about the different pillows, pillow stands and bobbins found in Germany, about the most relevant lace makers and designers of the last 100 years in Germany and also an extensive video about metal threads and how they were made for metal laces in the Leonic Industry.

The sixth and last transnational meeting has been a mixture of happiness because we could meet so many already known faces and we were able to learn something new in lace, and sadness because it was the last meeting of this long project in which we have worked so hard over three years.

The organization of the German partners has been very good. We have all overcome the difficulties which implied an online teaching of bobbin lace, which we found impossible before the pandemic. All teachers were helpful and cheerful. The classes were given in English, and it took some time to translate into French, Italian, Czech and Spanish, as most participants of these countries did not speak nor understand English. 

Now all teacher participants have to teach their own learners what they have learned in this meeting. This teaching will also be held online. 

Sixth transnational meeting: Germany (virtual), 11-15 June 2021

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