On the 16th of January all participants from the participating countries arrived in Prague. On the 17th of January we started our working day by listening to the interesting lecture given by Dana Mihulková about lace in Czech Republic, accompanied with pictures.

Afterwards, the participants were divided into two groups: one group learned how to work modern Czech lace, and made a few brooches designed by Anna Haliková, with non conventional materials, such as a most interesting silk ribbon died in natural colours and metallic thread. The second group learned how to work a traditional Czech point ground lace, in white, and also tried a big scale point ground lace, worked with coarse thread and a variety of colours. The design was made by Dana Mihulková.

Czech lacemakers are known for their innovation in lace, and the participants really enjoyed playing with materials, colours and technique.

We spent one whole day on a very interesting trip to Vamberk, the lace town per excelence of Czech Republic, where we were able to admire the Lace School and the Lace Museum. The Mayor of the town invited us to see the Town Hall, which had many adornments made of lace. It was clear that lace has a big support there.

The third transnational meeting has been a real success too. The organization of the Cezch partners has been excellent. Each one of the eight teachers focused on a group of learners, and the atmosphere was quiet and relaxing. Again the participants not only learned how to make lace, but also to communicate and exchange experiences and knowledge, despite the different languages they all speak. At this meeting a big part of the attendees knew each other from previous meetings, and that really helps to feel more like a group. A group that shares a same passion although living in different parts of Europe.

Now that all participants are back in their countries, they have to teach their own learners and colleagues what they have done in Prague. Homework must be done. So we can feel that our knowledge is increasing and the experience is being very possitive.

Third transnational meeting: Prague (Czech Republic), 16-22 January 2020

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